Sonia Aniceto is a Portugese visual artist, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Honors Degree in Fine Arts – Painting and Tapestry - Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Received a scholarship to participate in the program of Socrates/Erasmus at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (2000). Moved to Brussels and kept studio and galleries in Lisbon. Was a resident artist of the Pianofabriek Cultural Center during the first year. Frequented at the same time the seminaries of the post-graduate of the academy of Fine Arts of Brussels. Received the official aggregation as a teacher of Fine Arts in 2005. Free student at the interuniversitary master in actual art of ULB, in 2006. Worked in the scenography ateliers of “La Monnaie” the Royal Opera House of Brussels, between 2000 and 2006. In 2007 she received a nomination for the Prémios Talento in Visual arts (price organised by the Ministery of foreing affairs from Portugal). She teaches in an art school since 2006. Gives art workshops for children with the international organisation Mus-e. Her artistic career has developed into frequent collaborations with galleries in Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, Ukrania and the USA.

Sonia Aniceto is represented by :

Galerie Martine Ehmer, Brussels (B)

Galerie ART-Isotop, Dortmund (DE)
Galerie Down to Art,  Gent  (B)
Galeria da Trindade, Porto (P)

Merlting Art Gallery, Lille (F)

Selection of exhibitions, art fairs, events:


Art Karlsruhe, modern and contemporary art fair,Art Isotope Gallery, (D)

Arte de Bolso (group exhibition) - Galeria sete- Coimbra (P)

MetaMoi II, Center for Theoretical Physics, Columbia University - New York (US)


Entre-Tecidos, Galeria da Trindade - Porto (P)

Entre-Tecidos Entre-Tecidos, Galeria da Biblioteca Municipal de Barcelos - Barcelos (P)

MetaMoi I, Center for Theoretical Physics, Columbia University - New York (US)

AAF Brussels,  Galerie Martine Ehmer - Bruxelas (B)

Art Karlsruhe, modern and contemporary art fair, Art Isotope Gallery,(D)

«Carte de visite /ArtopenKunst» - Bruxelas , (B)

Textile contaminations -  Kleppart (Raüme fîr textile und kultur) (D)


« Chic and Cheap » 2015 »- contemporary art event - Liège (Belgium)

Art Karlsruhe - modern and contemporary art fair,Art Isotope Gallery,(D)

Art Up Contemporary art fair Lille, Galerie Martine Ehmer  (F)

Contaminations textiles - solo exhibition - Galerie Martine Ehmer (B)


FI l I, Huis Happaert – solo exibition - Anvers (B)

Décade - Group exhibition - Galerie Martne Ehmer - Bruxelles (B)

(In)tensão têxtil, Galeria da Trindade - solo exibition - Porto (P)


Art Gent - Contemporary art fair, Galerie Down to art - Gent (B)

ART-Spanner - C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr - Essen (D)

(Spécial price - « technic and créativity »

St'art - Contemporary art fair, Strasbourg, Galerie Martine Ehmer - France (F)

Textiel (in)tension, Galerie Down to art - Gent (B)

Scythia 2013 - The sixth international exhibition on mini contemporary textile art - (Ukranie)

SLICK- contemporary art fair, Galerie Martine Ehmer - Bruxelles (B)

La nuit des femmes - Group exhibition. Centre Culturel de Schaerbeek - Bruxelles (B)

Truc Troc / Bozar - Bruxelles (B)


St'art - Contemporary art fair, Strasbourg. France (F)

Art Gent - Contemporary art fair, Galerie Down to art - Gent (B)

Unusual discoveries, Art Isotope Gallery, Dortmund (D)

C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr - Essen (D)

Os fios de Penélope, Galeria da Trindade - Porto (P)

Contextile, Contemporary Textile Art Triennial - Guimarães (P)

Puls’Art Le Mans (Manifestation international d’art contemporain) (F)

Trekvogels/ Oiseaux voyageurs, A collaborative story - Croxhapox, Gent (B)

Canvas /RTBF collectie - Bozar, Palais des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles - Bruxelles (B)

SLICK- contemporary art fair, Galerie Libre Cours - Bruxelles (B)

Le coeur cousu, Galerie Libre Cours - Bruxelles (B)


Arte Lisboa (International Contemporary art fair), Galeria Trindade ) - Lisbonne (P)

De fil en souvenir,  Melting art gallery - Lille (F)

Texturised reality , Galerie Down to art - Gent (B)

LINEART Contemporary art , Galerie Down to art - Gent (B)


LINEART, Belgium Calling, Contemporary art fair - Gent (B)

Transgressions du fil 2, De oude barrier Galerij - Hasselt (B)

“Octember” - Painting and installation, Nuth, (NL)Trekvogels/ Oiseaux voyageurs - Installation et scénographie de l’exposition au Musée de la photographie à Charleroi et Fotomuseum, Provincie Antwerpen (B)

O amor é cego, Galeria Novo Século, Lisbonne (P)

Truc Troc / Bozar - Bruxelles (B)


Transgressions du fil, Galerie Libre Cours - Bruxelles (B)

St'art - Contemporary art fair, Strasbourg. France (F)

Prix Hamesse - Hôtel de Ville de St. Gilles - Bruxelles (B)

SIAC de Carla-Bayle, Contemporary art fair - Toulouse, France

AAF Brussels, galerie 138 – Bruxelles (B

)Truc Troc / Bozar - Bruxelles (B)


Histoires de famille - Galeria Novo Século. Lisbonne (P)

Os 5 magníficos -  Group exhibition in Galeria Novo Seculo, Lisbonne (P)

Regards de femme - Maison Pelgrims, Bruxelles (B)


Marionettiste, Galerie Espace Blanche - Bruxelles (B)

Uma ausência preenchida, Galeria Novo Século - Lisbon (P)

Nomination pour “Prémios Talento 2007”  dans la catégorie Arts Visuels (Prix organise par le Ministère des affaires étrangères du Portugal)


Une absence très peuplée, Ambassade du Portugal à Bruxelles (B)


Um mapa para chegar aqui - Galeria do Indeg - Lisbonne (P)

Projet Tartare -  Théâtre de la Balsamine - Bruxelles (B)


Création du dispositif scénographique du spectacle «Gradiva» de Louise Vanneste et Delphine Bertrand.

Théâtre de la Vie, Bruxelles.


Archive II, Galerie Arte Konstante - Lisbonne (P)


Parcours d’artistes  de St. Gilles - Bruxelles (B)

Archive - résidence au Centre culturel  De Pianofabriek, Bruxelles (B)


Archive, Théâtre de la Place des Martyrs - Bruxelles (B)

Fossilizações, Galeria Gymnasio - Lisbonne (P)


Tramas - Installation textile - Jardins du Palais National de Queluz, Lisbonne (P)

Publications / Press

2016- Entre-Tecidos - Livre de peinture/poesie en collaboration avec l’écrivain Paulo Pego

2016- Reportagem TV ( RTP Internationale)

2016- Reportage Luso pressTV - février 2016

2015 - Article dans Agenda n° 1459 - Wudkammer 127 ( Kurt Snoekx)

2015- Article in Miroir de l’Art  # Liberté !

2014 - Book : Textile art around the world - Ed Ellen Bakker (NL)

2013 - Catalogue of ART-spanner - 2nd Edition (D)

2013 - Catalogue of Scythia 2013 – The 6th international exhibition on mini contemporary textile art.

2012 - Catalogue -  Contêxtile Triennial (P)

2012 - Catalogue - Canvas /RTBF collectie (B)

2012 - Catalogue - SLICK art fair, Galerie Libre Cours (B)

2009 - Catalogue de l’exposition : FIOS, formas e memórias dos tecidos, rendas e bordados.

Article « O fio nas artes plásticas » (P) 

2012 - Emission culturelle d’ARTE Belgique / RTBF, 50 Degrés Nord

2012 - Article in Miroir de l’Art  # 43 (11/2012)

2012 - Article in  Miroir de l’Art  # 39 (5/2012)

2012 - Article in Textile Forum 3/2012 September

2009 - Article in ArteNews

2008 - Article in Le Soir (Jean-Claude Vantroyen)